Our current project is looking at sustainability of New Zealand salmon, mussels and oysters.  

We grow some of the world's best salmon, greenshell mussels and pacific oysters in New Zealand.  They are grown in an environment which is well controlled, legislated and monitored. New Zealand has a pristine environment and systems in place to manage it. Even better,  our food tastes great!

Some buyers are starting to require certified environmental credentials. But many buyers are more interested in food safety, quality and price.

If certification leads environmental practices to providing more reliable supply and quality, even better taste, and maybe even better prices from consumers..... will retailers have a real reason for insisting upon certification?

Does the New Zealand industry need any form of certification for its environmental practices? If so, what are the choices?

Is certification just to provide comfort for trade buyers in key markets? What do you think?

Can we rely on current environmental practices being enough to protect the environment?  What do you think?